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Kim Greene

Position: Water Fitness

I began working for the Weed Recreation and Parks District in May of 2019. At that time, we only had one instructor and a need for additional classes. After an extensive search, and not finding anyone, I lead a few classes myself.

Not being one that has ever regularly exercised, I was hesitant, but thoroughly enjoy the classes and all the students. To become a better instructor and keep things fresh, I have attended several trainings through The Aquatic Education Association and regularly watch YouTube videos.

For me, water fitness not only improves strength, flexibility, and balance, but I feel all the stresses of the day float off my shoulders as soon as I get in the pool. 

If you’re looking for something low impact, fun, and entertaining, or want to meet new people in the community, check out our Aqua Fitness schedule and come give it a try

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