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Weed Recreation & Parks District Administrator

161 E. Lincoln Ave
Weed. Ca 96094
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Job Title: Weed Recreation & Parks District Administrator
Position Type: Part time
Level/Salary: Salary based on experience
Location: Weed Rec & Park District Office
Role and Responsibilities:
The Weed Recreation & Parks District Administrator oversees all aspects of the Recreation and Parks District facilities, properties and programs.
This position is responsible for coordinating, supervising, planning and evaluating all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the district, including but not limited to budgets, expenditures, revenue, grant funding, staffing, community involvement and nurturing new partners for future services and funding.
The District Administrator is additionally responsible for ensuring the continual growth of programs, memberships and District offerings. The District Administrator reports to the Board of Directors.
Essential duties include:
• Strategic management of the district including policies and objectives, personnel, budget and finance, recreation and park operations, capital Improvements, marketing, networking
• Work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a strategic plan and goals for the district.
• Trouble shooting, solving, and working on high level issues.
• Prepares, reviews, evaluates, and executes detailed budgets for the district.
• Analyzes financials and trends to create costs and revenue growth strategies.
• Recruit, train and oversee staff in the development of diversified programming.
• Create, edit, and maintain staffing schedule for maintenance, office, and pool staff.
• Act as main community contact for the district.
• Active employee engagement, training, and recognition.
• Keeping policies and procedures up to date and current.
• Cultivate and nurture community and cooperate funding partnerships.
• Identify grants and other funding resources to help with overhead and operational costs.
• Develop and execute a full range of recreation and community programs each fiscal year.
• Provide excellent customer service.
• Report monthly to the Board of Directors about district business, effectively and appropriately communicate with all board members within the guidelines of the Brown Act.
• Provide directions on and approve all marketing and advertising materials.
• Enforce district standards and policies.
• Ensure all governmental requirements are met and current.
• Oversee and support the District Office Manager.
• Understand community needs and wants through customer surveys and interactions.
Qualifications and Education Requirements:
• Experience in a management, supervisory, or director role.
• Ability to create measurable outcomes and complete board approved goals.
• Excellent at building relationships with all district stakeholders including staff, customers, board members and other partnering agencies.
• Experience in obtaining grant funding and reporting.
• Proficient computer skills in Microsoft office suite, recreation software (RecDesk) & financial software such as QuickBooks.
Please provide a resume, list of 3 references with contact information, and a cover letter explaining your skills, qualifications, and why you think you are a good fit for the Weed Recreation & Parks District.

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