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Position: TriYoga Basics
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Yoga is an ancient healing modality. With gentle, consistent practice, we can reshape our bodies & our lives. We become stronger, more flexible, balanced & relaxed through practicing conscious breating & the gentle flows & asanas of TriYoga.

The WCC yoga class is Basic Level. We use props like blankets, blocks, chairs, pillows & straps to help with alignment & make it enjoyable for all. It's perfect for seniors, beginners or anyone who wants to improve their breathing, flexibility, balance, and strength in an enjoyable way.

Lotus is a certified TriYoga Basic & Level One instructor. She studied under 5 senior-level teacher trainers in Santa Cruz, CA, and directly with Yogini Kaliji who developed the TriYoga approach & opened the first TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz in 1986. TriYoga is now taught in 40+ countries by over 2450 certified teachers.

TriYoga is a gentle, flowing style of yoga. Emphasis is on slow rhythmic pacing, relaxation in action, wavelike spinal movements, and economy of motion. We develop natural alignment, balance, flexibility, strength, and fuller breath. We connect with our inner selves, increase our life force, and learn how to maintain bliss.

Multi-level options are offered. You are encouraged to monitor your own body & choose a level according to how you feel on any given day.

In this class, we ask you not to do anything that hurts! The goal is not to force your body into a new position, but to stretch gently & relax a little further into the pose each time. That's how we gain the benefits of focused breath, flexibility, balance & strength without injury.

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