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Siskiyou County Arts Council

Februay 16

Voices of the Golden Ghosts

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In the mountains of Northern California, in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties, one of the largest gold mining events of the 19th century occurred. Within a few years of the first discovery of gold, miners had arrived from all corners of the globe. Among those arriving in the west were a significant number of African Americans. In fact by 1852 over 2,000 men of African American descent were in the California gold fields. However, today little is ever mentioned about the free and enslaved black men and women who lived in the northern California wilderness by pick and shovel. 

Through the lens of contemporary storytelling and theater and lecture we will reconstruct the lives of these African Americans. Through collaboration with history professionals, local artists, and performers we will work with African American communities in Shasta and Siskiyou Counties to tell the story of migration and of the experience working in remote mines. This project will finally provide opportunities for members of the African American community to assert “their” story. 

Local actors Victor Martin and Isaiah Warren

Mark Oliver

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